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Below are real testimonials from actual patients. Please note that our patients have not been given any incentive to post their review. The testimonials have all been voluntarily provided. If you are an existing patient, feel free to leave a review about your experience at Arctic Spine.

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Dr.Maxwell and his WHOLE team are completly amazing. They are all full of compassion, grace and knowledge. Dr.Maxwell performed a cervical spinal fusion on me February 13th 2018. I am 110% pleased with all services received from Arctic Spine. I no longer have any numbness in my right arm or fingers and my neck is finally pain free after 3.5 years… As we all know,going in for any type of surgery can and IS a very scary time in your life. I must say that Dr.Maxwell’s surgery nurses are very caring, had amazing bedside manners and took the time to listen to my ever concern. One nurse stood out and will forever be in my heart as “Jessica” took the time to hold my hand while laying on the OR table until I fell asleep. Some may think that all she did was JUST hold my hand but at that moment, it was a blessing and extremly comforting for me and the journey that I was entering. Jessica, you rock!! Every phone call, every email and any concern was promptly answered by either Dr. Maxwell,himself or his amazing team. I never had to wait more than 30 minutes for a response. To me, that’s very impressive. I would gladly and highly recommend Arctic Spine…. These people are what you call a God send!!!

submitted 2-28-18

I feel like dancing! Just had my second surgery (fusion and plate C3-C7 and right side of L3-L5) in two months, with my lower back surgery two weeks ago and I have to continually remind myself to slow down and let things heal before I go shovel snow or start a DYI project. And I’m only taking an occasional pain medication. Staff is the best in caring and skill set. Dr Price is their full time anathesologist. Surgery is performed on site in a state of the art facility and thus the risk of infection is greatly reduced. With both surgeries Dr Maxwell spent an additional hour plus cleaning up my excess bone spurs ect. to make sure I would have the best possible outcome. So I would say he is throug and complete. And I was up and on the road home within three hours of the end of my surgery(s). Within hours of my surgies I felt sooo much better…. yes I felt like I could ‘Jitter Bug’ dance once again. Thank you Dr Maxwell, Dr Price and your wonderful staff.

submitted 2-20-18

Great Staff, His OR team is kind and very helpful. Showed true compassion for me and took the time with me.

submitted 2-6-18

I had low back surgery in early December 2017. I purposefully waited this long to see how I was feeling before I posted any type of review. Dr Maxwell and his team have done a wonderful job and I am here to say I have no back or leg pain at all. They have done a great job of explaining what to expect before and after surgery. I would like to say a special thank you to anesthesiologist Dr Price and nursing staff Jessica and Jennifer. All have done an outstanding job of explaining everything before you went into surgery and afterwards. I chose this clinic based on researching reviews for providers in this area. This is an out of network provider for me so I am expecting to incur some extra expense. Will post another financial review when all is finalized with insurance. Would highly recommend this team. Also really like surgery center on site. Very clean and welcoming. Keep up the excellent care you are providing for our community! Tracy Tomlinson

submitted 1-29-18

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about a surgeon , but Dr M.Maxwell and staff deserve the highest praise. I had decided to once again seek treatment for my back and neck problems as the symptoms were increasing in severity and frequency and I still need to work (old RN). After again speaking with my long time family practice MD we decided to again follow up with diagnostics and consults. Previously after a neck injury at work, I received PT with some improvement. I sought out Dr Maxwell for second opinion after nearly full spine MRIs and again specialist ordered PT. Even after explaining in detail symptoms of chronic neck and low back pain, intermittent hand and arm numbness, and excruciating ,debilitating back and leg spasms. All of which were increasing in frequency and severity. I wanted a second opinion. I called Arctic Spine and I was talking with Dr Maxwell within the hour. He reviewed the MRIs and listened as I once again explained my symptoms noting that the most severe pain was my low back and leg spasms. He asked about my flexion xrays. I explained there were NEVER any done. He said they were critical since MRIs are done when everything is lined up and flat, , 2 dimensional. So, I returned the next day after I had them done. He again brought up my MRI and the xrays. He said “Good news ! I would not recommend surgery on your lower spine. But , I would suggest fixing your C-spine sooner rather than later. ” Even I could see the problem in my neck on the flexion xrays. Before I left, I had met with Lucy about insurance and Dr Price ,anesthesiology. Dr Price was very through as well in researching my medical history and needs. What a crew! I had surgery in their beautiful facility on SUNDAY, New Years Eve ! Pre-op with awesome nurse Jessica, James, visit from Dr Maxwell and Dr Price my fears were calmed and I knew had chosen the right team and place. Recovery is quiet and peaceful in a room decorated with rainforest walls ! Your nurse is at your bedside and you are her ONLY patient! We had stayed at a hotel in town rather than driving back to the valley that night. To my utter surprise, Dr Price followed us to the hotel, went in ahead of us and requested a room change for better comfort and ESCORTED me to my hotel room door,all without any request ! I went back in the next day for drain removal and dressing change and was met by Dr Maxwell, himself, on New Years Day ! What service! Recovery wise, other than normal incision pain (minor) and muscle soreness/stiffness around shoulders, it has been remarkable. No hint of infection or complications. The most astounding thing I realized was that my LOW back pain is completely gone and surgery was on my NECK! Just goes to show having a knowledgeable neurosurgeon recognizing what needs to be fixed first can make all the difference in outcomes. I would not hesitate a moment to recommend Dr Maxwell, Dr Price and the entire Arctic Spine team to anyone with back/neck problems, Dr Maxwell is quite conservative in treatment and excellent if surgery is needed. Mary Stackhouse

submitted 1-28-18

I would have written this review earlier, but I have been enjoying my new back. (Okay, I’ve been taking it easy as advised…..) Last summer, as I was once again 70 going on 30, my back experienced its final straw while I was working on a Kenai recreation site. After months of chiropractic and physical therapy, I was still experiencing pain and the inability to pull off many daily tasks. The first person I want to thank is my wife who did the research and found Dr. Maxwell and Arctic Spine. I commented that Dr. Maxwell sounded too good to be true…..you know what is said about something that is too good to be true. I already had an MRI which Dr. Maxwell reviewed free of charge and gave me a call. At an appt later that week, Dr. Maxwell went over the MRI and xrays with us and diagnosed my situation. He stated that the procedure would be fairly routine (easy for him to say) to fix the 2 gnarly discs and free up the nerve that was causing me pain. When I told him my brother had back surgery in Florida 5 years ago at age 70 and now has train tracks running up his back, Dr. Maxwell responded that there are doctors out there that would give me a train track, too. He vowed he would do the least invasive procedure to correct the damaged discs and compressed nerve and that, in fact, is exactly what he did. Dr. Maxwell is straight forward, professional, and committed to giving patients the least amount of surgery that brings back quality of life. His entire staff is skilled, thorough, and highly personable. Lucy went above and beyond in handling all the paperwork and insurance details. Dr. Price spent more time with us than any anesthesiologist we’ve encountered. Our main nurse, Jessica, was no less than fabulous, and we can say there were no Nurse Ratcheds at Arctic Spine. The facility is first class, spotless, and the atmosphere is far superior to any other place of surgery we’ve experienced…..& at our ages, we’ve seen more than a few. After our first post-op visit, we sat in the large reception area and listened to Betsy play great music on a Steinway Grand. We would send all the people we love there should they need an outstanding neurosurgeon and medical practice. Bruce Holdsworth

submitted 1-24-18

Dr. Maxwell and his staff are consummate professionals who actually take the time to learn about a patient’s condition and to reassure the individual’s medical needs will be met in a safe and infection free environment. The one-on-one consultation, expert diagnosis, a team that goes over and beyond a patient’s expectations make Arctic Spine a leader in laser surgery. Thank you. I look forward to being pain free in the immediate future! Lisa B.

submitted 1-11-18

It was very nice that Dr. Maxwell took his time to explain everything about my MRI and what he could do to help me. I appreciate that a lot. All of the staff went above & beyond to ensure that i was taken care. Now i’m pain free and very thankful.

submitted 1-9-18

Excellent dr and a wonderful staff👍 Took great care of us from helping navigate ins to after care these guys are fantastic and I highly recommend

submitted 1-4-18

Excellent service and a very smart surgeon. Kindhearted also.

submitted 12-13-17

I had back surgery about 3 weeks ago at Arctic Spine. I’m so glad I had it done. No more pain. I feel like I got a second chance on life. Dr.Maxwell went over the MRI and x-rays with me and explained the whole procedure thoroughly. Lucy took care of all the insurance work before hand so you don’t have to worry about that. The nurses were great. They make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You really get the one on one experience. They were a really top notch professional team. If you are considering neck or back surgery I highly recommend Arctic Spine

submitted 12-10-17

I’m writing this for those who are looking at having neck or back surgery. I live in Kodiak Alaska, and flew to Arizona a few years ago to have neck surgery at the laser spine institute. I was pain free for a few years but my disc got worse, and needed to have a more serious surgery. I found Dr. Maxwell at Arctic Spine in Anchorage Alaska. I needed to find a place close to home so I didn’t have to travel out of state. Dr. Maxwell called me personally to discuss my MRI, he told me his game plan and said he could fix me and relieve my arm and neck pain. The morning of my surgery I was scared and very nervous, but I had a wonderful nurse named Jessica. She was a sweetheart that calmed my nerves, and helped me through the prep to surgery itself. When awoke a few hours later my arm and neck pain were gone, I was only sore from my neck incision, and from my breathing tube. The pain was much less than what I had previously had after my surgery at the laser spine institute in Arizona. I was able to walk out from my operation just after a few hours later. I now have a second chance at being pain free thanks to Dr. Maxwell and his amazing staff! I’m currently two weeks out from surgery, and am feeling much better. I just wanted fellow Alaskans to know there’s a great opportunity to have excellent neck or back surgery here in Alaska, you don’t need to fly to the lower 48 to get excellent health care. I found it at Arctic Spine. I’d also like to give a shout out to … Jessica, James, Val, Layla, and Lucy

submitted 12-1-17

Over the years for lower back pain I had been prescribed various medications, chiropracty, MRI and referred to an orthopedic surgeon for review, and in turn referred to physical therapy. Nothing worked. Years later and after yet another debilitating episode and unable to perform my work duties I decided something had to be done. Researching options I decided on Arctic Spine. As it turned out it was the best possible decision I could have ever made. After contacting the center in short order Dr. Maxwell personally called me back, ordered a current MRI and met with me for a 1 on 1 review. Dr. Maxwell correctly diagnosed the actual cause of my pain and explained in detail the best and least invasive solution. Dr. Maxwell even took the time to perform a distal spinal block to confirm the diagnosis, something which had never even been mentioned in past evaluations. Arctic Spine’s experienced staff, knowing my very limited time constraints worked with my out of network insurance provider to quickly approve all procedures. The whole process took 2 weeks, not months, and for the first time in over 20 years I’m living a normal pain free life. Arctic Spine is the only surgery center of its kind in the state of Alaska. Full service, 1 on 1 Dr. to patient care, fully outpatient. I was walking within an hour of surgery, relaxing at home that evening, and back to work within days. If I had to sum up the caliber of Dr. Maxwells professional care, his knowledgeable staff, and Arctic spine in a single word, I would have to say unparalleled.

submitted 11-26-17

Dr. Maxwell and team are amazing. My family physician recommended him after many x-rays and scans for cervical disk issues. I am grateful for the entire experience from initial meeting to post-surgery follow-up. Lucy worked with my insurance company to maximize coverage and minimize my out-of-pocket. I am pain-free and glad to recommend the entire Arctic Spine group!I’ll update this later on. Wanted to post this now, as someone may be wondering if minimally invasive surgery really is the way to go. It doesn’t hurt to ask! Don’t be bullied into not seeking alternative treatment. The other place flat out told me not to even consider this type of surgery, which I found a bit unsettling, but I could get a 2nd opinion at their newest joint ventured office

submitted 11-15-17

I was recommended after my MRI to go to pain management. My husband had a previous operation with Dr. Maxwell to correct his back with excellent success. So i took all my information to him to see what he could do. He and Lucy not only worked with my insurance company, which was out of network, but Dr. Maxwell successfully corrected my spine and I have had no pain since the operation. He didn’t pver [rescrobe [aom ,edocatopm amd was thorough with the medications he did prescribe. We are well pleased with Dr. Maxwell and his entire team of professionals. I would recommend him to anybody.

submitted 10-22-17

Would rate them 10 stars! Their mission is to get you fixed and healed up the first time!

I had quite the unsettling experience with another orthopedic outfit here in town & thought there has to be a better way of going about this. I did NOT want to go through 2 or 3 sugeries (each time with 3 to 10 days in tbe hospital) & be laid up for a year or more. Also, despite having really great insurance, I would have to come up with $7,500 – $15k “deposit”.

Dr. Maxwell looked at my medical records, images, examined me & we had a comprehensive chat of what was going on. He actually LISTENS to you & asked me a few questions I hadn’t even thought of. (His staff dealt with the insurance & financial side of things & all has worked out well.)

He ordered what I call a diagnostic steroid shot to make sure where the problem was really was only there (one side could have been so bad, I wouldn’t have realized I was having issues with the other side). After that (& 4 1/2 days of blessed relief), we scheduled my back surgery for just one small part, not 3 like the previous place.(There is always the possibility of more surgery, but at this point, that is pretty slim.) Comprehensive pain management plan put in place about one week before your surgery, as well as an antibiotic to zap any potential bug that might have been brewing.

 Yesterday I had my surgery & although I feel a bit rough around the edges so to speak, the difference is amazing. The staff is incredibly attentive & caring. I got to go home yesterday, get some real rest & checked in today. Unless something drastic occurs, I come back in 2 weeks for the suture removal. Only about a 3 inch incision, which requires a daily change of the dressing for 7 days. You can shower by about day 3, using a special medical patch to keep tbe water out. Looking forward to that!

I’ll update this later on. Wanted to post this now, as someone may be wondering if minimally invasive surgery really is the way to go. It doesn’t hurt to ask! Don’t be bullied into not seeking alternative treatment. The other place flat out told me not to even consider this type of surgery, which I found a bit unsettling, but I could get a 2nd opinion at their newest joint ventured office

submitted 8-23-17

I went to Arctic Spine with a neck issue as well as a lower back issue i must tell you I’ve been to many doctors in my crazy Life and hands down Dr Maxwell and his staff by far are The Best Crew. The doc and his staff are caring, thorough, professional and they made you feel like family I would like to give cudos out too The doc and Lucy,Jessica, and Doc T they are special and talented people I’m still recovering from the neck surgery feeling great still got to do lower to back and i must say i can’t wait thanks Doc

submitted 8-23-17

I was being run through the mill at AFOC. I was told insurance wouldn’t pay for surgery and I would need to see the PA for pain management and do extensive physical therapy through their office. I took my MRI and extensive medical history to Dr. Maxwell for a second opinion. He performed a nerve block to basically confirm the problem and my insurance company approved the surgery I needed with no problems. I appreciated that Dr. Maxwell doesn’t overprescribe pain medicine for recovery either. I was pleased with my experience. Kari H 2017

submitted 8-7-17

Dr. Kraylick performed my surgery in 2015 and he was proud of the surgery but I was still in pain, I found Dr. Maxwell and within one month I was pain free and him and his staff is so caring and knowledgeable that I wouldn’t go to anyone else. Not only did Dr. Maxwell free me of pain he treated me as a human being not just a meal ticket then ignore me afterward. I ‘m referring everyone I know to him and his staff. If you want to be care for and helped …Go see Dr. Maxwell Dona S. 2017

submitted 7-28-17

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Maxwell and his office. I just received a micro disectomy for a ruptured l4-l5 disc. And now 12 days later I am pain free and have been since the surgery took place. This was my 1st procedure and couldn’t ask for a better experience. From the initial consult to pre and post surgery everything was explained to me as to what was gonna take place and it all went as to plan without a flaw. I would recommend Dr. Maxwell to anyone with back pain just to get a professionals input. He told me right from the start what was gonna need to be done to fix the daily pain I was expierencing in my back and leg. An almost as to magic it was true as soon as surgery was over and I was back to i had almost zero pain and once 24 hrs had gone by the only soreness I had was from the incision. So I would like to thank Dr. Maxwell and all his staff for giving me relief and making it as easy experience as they could for me.

submitted 7-26-17

Dr. Maxwell diagnosed my condition in minutes. He noted that my condition was so severe he was surprised I was not already wheel chair bound. He then suggested the solution to address my problem. One solution was for Dr. Maxwell, a renowned surgeon in his own right, to operate and remove the offending spinal tumor but he suggested instead, that I go to have surgery in St. Joseph’s hospital in Phoenix Arizona because they perform the spinal operation I needed on a daily basis, meaning they were not only highly skilled and practiced with this type of surgery, but that they had the most up to date peripheral equipment to assist them in the surgery and recovery. I took Dr. Maxwell’s advice and that very night, headed to St Joseph’s hospital, where their affiliate, the doctors that would actually be performing the surgery from the Barrow Brain and Spinal Clinic, paved the way for my immediate admittance into the hospital upon arrival and then, for next day surgery. That was almost five (5) months ago. The surgery was successful. Had Dr. Maxwell not diagnosed me so quickly and if Dr. Maxwell had not already known where I could get the best surgical care for my specific problem, it is very likely I would be spending the rest of my life in a wheel chair. Instead, with Dr. Maxwell’s guidance and with physical therapy, I am on my way back to reviving my body’s normal functioning and operation. Thank you Dr. Maxwell not only for you medical expertise, which goes well beyond diagnosis and cure, but for dedicating your personal time to discover and investigate who in the world today is best suited to provide the best remedies for each diagnosis. Sincerely, Bill Quinn

submitted 6-29-17

I had my cervicle fussion a little over a year ago! I feel so much better! All and all I am so glad I found DR. Maxwell! The gals at the office were amazing and worked with my insurance company and saved me money! Dr. Maxwell was very personable! Thank you again Dr. Maxwell

submitted 6-20-17

About 3 years ago while weightlifting I felt a “slip” in my low back. The pain was excruciating. I went to my general physician and he ordered an epidural shot for my spine. After a few days the pain went away and I resumed my life. After a few months I started noticing leg pain while sitting for an extended amount of time and hot feet sensations. Those things are really annoying but not really debilitating so I just dealt with them. I was referred to Dr. Maxwell and we got an MRI done. He showed me that I had a bulging disc that was partially pinching a nerve in my L4-L5 region. After consulting with Dr. Maxwell he suggested not doing a surgery. This was weird because I normally hear how surgery is always encouraged for back issues. I was in very good shape and young so he said if the pain doesn’t affect your day to day life then lets work on managing it. I was fine for another two and a half years. About 6 months ago while bending down to take my dogs collar off my back locked up again. I went into my general doctor and they did an in office shot to my low back area that relived the pain. But after that I had constant low back pain. I went in again to see Dr Maxwell and we got another MRI. The disc was degenerated and the sciatic nerve in my low back was pretty much being pinched fully. We did a nerve block and the pain went away for a few days. Even after that when we were in his office he merely presented the diagnosis and then looked at me. He wanted to make sure I wanted the surgery. I had never had a surgery in my life so I was more than a little uneasy about the process. Dr Maxwell and his staff were awesome. His office manager Lucy dealt with all the insurance paperwork and questions and layed out the whole process step by step. I met with the nurses and anesthesiologist before surgery so that I would understand everything that was going to happen and what to expect afterwards. Another great thing is he has his own surgery center. After I decided I wanted the surgery I was able to get an operating room slot in a week. No waiting a month for a spot to be open at the local hospital. The patient care was top notch The procedure I had done was a right L4-5 hemilaminotomy and foraminotomy with lumbar microdiscectomy with removal of more than 50% of the facet joint necessitating a right L4-5 pedicle screw posterior lateral fusion. I understand what all that was because Dr Maxwell explained it fully. After the surgery I had little if any complications. The only one being the sore throat from the breathing tube they inserted. I was a little sore for a few days but was able to return to work 4 days after the surgery in a limited capacity. Now about a month later I have no back pain at all and even the leg and foot pain are not as intense as they used to be. It is weird after 3 years to not have some form of low back pain. It feels great and I want to thank everyone at Dr. Maxwell’s office for making the process as painless as possible. John B.

submitted 4-27-17

I live 350 miles from Anchorage so I originally went to see Dr. Jensen in FBX because he has a good reputation as a surgeon but considering the seriousness of what I needed done (2 stage ACDF) I wanted a second opinion so I contacted Dr. Maxwell’s office and set up a phone consult. A week BEFORE my phone consult Dr. M called me and asked if I had time to talk about my scan, he told me I had a serious problem and needed to have it fixed soon. This man looked at my scan and decided to call me a week before my appointment because he felt it was that serious, he didn’t have his secretary make an appointment, he just picked up the phone and called. We talked for a half hour at least and I really liked what he had to say. Coincidentally I was headed to FBX that same day to have a pre-op appointment with Dr. Jensen but when I got there they told me he wasn’t in that day and I could speak with his assistant…wasn’t in I said!!! I was unimpressed to say the least so along with other a few other factors I decided to go see Dr. M. It was worth the drive and after having my initial consult with him I was sure he was the right Dr. for the job so I scheduled my surgery with him. They have a first class facility run by a first class staff. Everyone knows there job and performs it in a highly professional manner. I was especially impressed by Dr. T, the anesthesiologist, he was so thorough in his consultation with me that I was completely at ease with the semi-complicated process that was needed in my case. I’ve never had a Dr. explain something with the amount of detail that he did in terms I could easily understand. The nursing staff is extremely attentive, competent and actually really fun to be around. They put me at ease before and after the surgery and were right there for anything I needed because you are the only patient they have that day! That’s right, they only do one surgery a day so the entire staff is there for you. They may have some pre-op and post-op appointments scheduled but only 1 surgery and both Dr. M and Dr. T checked in on me multiple times while I was in recovery. It was so nice not being in a filthy hospital surrounded by sick people with a plethora of different Dr’s and nurses coming and going, you’re not just another number here. Dr. M called me the night of the surgery to check in and see how I was doing, not his nurse or receptionist but the man who did the surgery called me! I was shocked with how little pain I had the following morning and pretty much everyday after. I had watched YouTube videos of people who had the surgery and they were all in neck braces on the 5th day talking hoarse and acting like they were just in a car wreck..it was pathetic. The morning after my surgery I had almost no neck pain and a little sore throat, about what one encounters while dealing with the common cold. I ate a big breakfast before my post-op appointment and drove myself 350 miles home. I can’t say enough about what Dr. M is trying to change about the health care system. He is a well educated, well experienced Dr. who believes patient care is more important that a million dollar salary. I would recommend him and his practice to anyone needing spinal care. He provides a level of care far above any doctor in AK.

submitted 4-10-17

I was very comfortable with Dr. Maxwell after my consultation. He and his anesthesiologist were very thorough in their coverage of requirements, options & possible complications. The people that did my MRI and x-rays had good things to say about Dr. Maxwell. The nursing staff was very friendly, helpful and upbeat. Being able to have the surgery in his private operating room instead of a hospital made it so much more comfortable and available to my family members. It was almost like being at home. I would highly recommend Dr. Maxwell to anyone.

submitted 3-28-17

My comment is about what Dr. Maxwell DIDN’T do. He didn’t tell me that he needed to work on my spine. He asked me a lot of questions about my symptoms and my pain and decided to send me to an orthopedic doctor because he suspected that my pain was not being caused by spinal issues. Turns out that my hip was bad. This is after I had spine surgery for that pain performed by another doctor who was certain it was spinal in nature (before I had heard about Dr. Maxwell). If he had been my first contact for my issue I would not have 3 fused discs in my back now. This is the man to see.

submitted 3-27-17

Suffering multiple symptoms of whiplash caused by a high-speed rear-end collision in July 2014 by a guy that was high on heroin and meth, my husband has also suffered from deficient care from our family physician, a chiropractor, a neurologist, two physical therapists, and two orthopedists over 2.5 years. Disappointed in a lack of diagnosis and serious ongoing pain and disability, we searched for a neurosurgeon and found Dr. Maxwell. His credentials are exceptional, as is his dedication to his patients. Unlike the physician’s or orthopedists’ offices with their ‘gatekeepers’, we met directly with Dr. Maxwell who presented the MRI and x-ray imagery to us and explained the causes of my husband’s tingling and numbness in his hands, as well as the radiating pain across and over his shoulders. Fusing the C4-C6 vertebrae which had been damaged and worsened over time provided immediate relief while my husband was still in the recovery room. From the first visit to the day of surgery was only 18 days to then finally find relief from that near-fatal accident of 2.5 years ago. Dr. Maxwell and his entire team were simply exceptional in their care of my husband and in their communications with us. We were so very fortunate to find Dr. Maxwell. Alaskans statewide are so very fortunate that Dr. Maxwell found Alaska!

submitted 3-14-17

I highly recommend Dr. Maxwell. I had on going back problems for years. Had visited several doctors, which either had no options for me, or wanted to only medicate the pain. When I met Dr. Maxwell, he took precise steps to pinpoint the problem area and followed up his thoughts with a diagnostic procedure to ensure his surgical plan would be appropriate in this instance. Even though the testing provided the assurance that he needed, he allowed me to take my time to consider the surgical option. As there was quite a long recovery time, I thought it over for months with no pressure from Dr. Maxwell or his staff. After I made my own decision he & his staff got the ball rolling with my insurance company. They handled it all. Eventually I was approved and surgery commenced. The best decision I could have made. My quality of life had been altered for so long, I had forgotten what it was like to live normally. Dr. Maxwell is the best! He cares about you, he and his very small staff handle all of your needs. No physician assistants to muddy up the information or drag down the process. Although I am still in the healing phase, I am like a new person. I will always be grateful for his abilities and thoroughness. Can’t wait to see him and let him know how I’m progressing.

submitted 2-27-17

My husband was referred to Dr Maxwell for a fusion surgery. It took a year and a half of fighting and going back and for denial the surgery. Doctor Maxwell and his staff got right in the trenches with us and helped us fight the battle for the surgery as my husband grew weaker and weaker in the right leg. The staff would call and tell me immediately when they received the denial and I would get right on it. I wrote 4 letters and the staff submitted numerous request for surgery finally got a level II appointment for a phone conference and before the appointment they requested more paperwork from Dr Maxwell’s office and the office sent it over and less than 24 hours later with out the conference call was canceled and the surgery was approved. The staff rushed us in for surgery we got the approval on a Thursday and the next Thursday we had surgery. Its been a month now and my husband is gaining his strength back every day. Thanks Dr Marius Maxwell for your expertise in doing the right surgery for the longevity of my husband having a great functioning life. I will miss talking to the ladies every week but we are doing better than expected and very quickly.

submitted 1-30-17

Well… To start this off back in 2011 I had severe Rt shoulder pain, numbness going down to my hand (only on Rt side) I went to see a Neurosurgeon at a clinic in town (Anchorage) After X-Rays, MRI’s, CT scan w/contrast, a EMG. The DR. informed me that I would require Cervical Laminaplasty at levels C2,C3,C4,C5. 3 months after surgery I was reviewing X-Rays this is when we discovered that one of the screws that was used to attach a plate in my neck came loose and is floating at the base of my neck. The Dr. said that it embedded itself in some fatty tissue and presents no problem. But I still had pain & numbness in the Rt shoulder going down to my elbow and sometimes to the hand. Over all it got better but it still painful. So I went back to see the DR. and after more X-Rays, MRI another CT Scan w/contrast and a EMG He determine That I needed a Fusion at C4-C5 lvls. Well approx 11 month later from the first surgery I have the second surgery. 7 months later I went back to see the Dr. because the Rt shoulder pain & numbness down to the hand was still there. This time the Dr sent me to a shoulder specialist, I had my shoulder scoped they found rotator cuff torn, bicep tendon detached, labrum torn. A different Dr. repaired this (All at the Same CLINIC), it took two different surgery’s because I got a staff infection and they had to go back in to clean it up. About 7 months later I still Had Rt shoulder pain & numbness down to the hand. I went back to the Neurosurgeon and was put in touch with a DR. that specializes in pain management. He wanted more X-Rays and MRI’s and he given me some MED’s. Well I was completely dissatisfied they did not fix any thing . The insurance Co. and I have spent a tremendous amount of money to get this thing fixed. I have a fellow employee who just had surgery w/DR Maxwell. He recommended me to see him he said that “Dr. Maxwell is great I had cervical problems and Dr. Maxwell did a fusion and now I’m pain free”. well I booked an app. w/Dr Maxwell brought over current MRI’s and within 15 min he came up with a diagnosis that I will need a fusion at lvls C2-C3, C3-C4. I was not thrilled so he wanted to prove this is the area that needed fixed. So he ordered a nerve block at the C3-C4 lvls and when the block was put in the shoulder pain immediately went away. I then discussed w/his Admin about costs & insurance, they were very patient and informative. Two weeks later I had surgery, when I woke up I immediately notice no pain in the Rt shoulder & Hand, no numbness. The last time this occurred was in 2010. I’m still recovering but PAIN FREE! Dr Maxwell said if they would have done this the first time it would have been fixed. I just wished That I could have found Dr. Maxwell sooner

submitted 1-7-17

Dr. Marius Maxwell is great! I had a bulging disc at L4. Had a previous surgery with Dr Kralic, he didn’t fix my problems. Dr Maxwell performed a PLF, one night in hospital and left the next day. I walked the next day with some pain but tolerable. It’s been 6 weeks, the process is still healing, I still get some stiffness, but I am definitely better! Dr. Maxwell said it will take up to 1 1/2 years for the fusion to completely heal. Overall, it was the best choice for me. Thank you Dr. Maxwell and staff. – SJ

submitted 11-17-16

Dr. Maxwell is one of the best doctors. I have been to many doctors and I appreciate how clearly and accurately he was able to diagnose, share his knowledge with me and offer options. He is an excellent neurosurgeon who performed my surgery and personally takes care of each patient.

submitted 11-05-16

I have no complaints with Dr. Maxwell. My right arm had been going numb for three months before I decided to go to my family Dr. He referred me to a different neurosurgeon in Anchorage. The doctor briefly looked at my MRI and based his diagnosis off of the MRI reading. He stated that I had one problem with my neck and that I needed a disc replacement. With such a serious diagnosis I decided to get a second opinion with Dr. Maxwell and I am glad I did. Dr Maxwell explained my MRI in a way I could understand it and he said I not only had one problem I had 4. He also highlighted some serious issues with disc replacement. Dr. Maxwell works for the patient and is invested in the patient getting well.

submitted 11-01-16

Dr. Marius Maxwell is great. Very knowledgeable and insightful. From my MRI he pointed out that I had a bulging disc with a ruptured. He performed a lumbar microdiscectomy with one night in hospital and leaving the next day. Glad I had this surgery done and able to walk, sit, and sleep without pain. Its been almost 6 months and the process is still healing. Still get stiffness, aching, and pain here and there. Dr. Maxwell said it will take about 6 to 1 year of recovering. Overall, it was a right choice for me. Thanks Dr. Maxwell and staff. – TN

submitted 10-25-16

Dr. Marius Maxwell,

I would like to take this opportunity to express to you and viewers my most heartfelt appreciation for not only your skill but your compassion throughout my process. Being in pain since 2006 as a result of a work related injury. I was seeking answers from so many doctors with unanswered results or simply lack of care blatantly exhibited. I had come to the lowest point in my life feeling like all hope was gone. I worked in the medical field for many year and the one thing I prided myself with was compassion for one’s well-being. You were the one doctor whom took the time to hear what my concerns were and willing to find a solution and not just take my money and send me on my way like many other doctors have done. Your knowledge and positive outlook played a major role in my life and recovery. You played a major role in me getting back my confidence when I felt hopeless. I was blessed to find myself placed in your more than capable and caring hands. I also appreciate your staff for arranging tests, scheduling appointments and handling insurance procedures with seamless efforts. Saying “Thank You” seems so insufficient but I can find no words that will truly express my feelings appropriately. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get my life back which I thought was impossible.

Thanks so much Dr. Maxwell!!! I highly recommend Dr. Maxwell to anyone. Dorothy Dye Moore

submitted 9-16-16

If you are looking for the best neurosurgeon in Alaska, look no further – you just found him. Dr. Maxwell is GREAT! He is a brilliant neurosurgeon. But there is much more to Dr. Maxwell’s practice. First, there is no one between you and your doctor, period. There are no nurses and physician assistants to screen you before you might see your neurosurgeon for a few minutes before he schedules your surgery. Dr. Maxwell is the one who you talk to.

He reviews your X-Rays and MRI with you and discusses your treatment options. He is the ONLY person you talk to regarding your treatment!!! We NEVER experienced such a personal relationship with a surgeon before. Did I mention how GREAT Dr. Maxwell is?! My wife just had a neck surgery two weeks ago. Instant relief: no more pain, no more numbness, and no more weakness in her arms. No neck brace either! Recovery was quick and almost painless! Then, a couple days after the surgery, Dr. Maxwell called to find out how she was doing! When was the last time you had your surgeon call you to inquire about how you were doing?!

We are VERY thankful! Not only Dr. Maxwell is an amazing neurosurgeon, he is also a great human being who cares deeply about his patients!!!!! We highly recommend Dr. Maxwell to anyone with neck and other spine problems! No words can express how grateful we are for his expertise, his amazing skills of a neurosurgeon and his personalized patient care! THANK YOU Dr. Maxwell!!! Andrew and Irina G.

submitted 8-30-16

Five months ago I was putting a bed frame together and felt a pull in my right buttock. I thought it was a pulled muscle but it got considerably worse–fast. The pain was excruciating and I was often unable to work and had to file for an intermittent FMLA. I went for treatment with my chiropractor almost daily. Once we decided that wasn’t doing any good, my chiropractor requested an MRI. Once he reviewed the results, he quickly referred me to Dr. Maxwell. Unfortunately it too…k almost 3 weeks to get in for my first appointment but that was the only eh thing. In reviewing the MRI, Dr. Maxwell wanted to be 100% sure where the pain was coming from, so he referred me for a transforaminal epidural which told us exactly what we needed to know which was the L5-S1 disc was ruptured. I decided on surgery to alleviate the pain. Even though I work and Providence and am partial to Providence, I had the surgery at Alaska Regional, which I thought was great and the staff was amazing! The surgery went very well and I went home the next morning. The hardest part was standing up from a sitting position on my bed at home. However, within 5-6 days that pain went away and my back was just still and sore–like I had done too much yard work. I honestly could have gone back to work after one week but just felt like I needed to give myself a little more time, and get the stitches of of my back. Although this started 5 months ago and I just had the surgery 3 weeks ago, there was a muddle of mixed up appointments and doctors before I made it to Dr. Maxwell that were totally my fault which just dragged things out. I’m never sick and didn’t know how all this works. However, Dr. Maxwell’s office makes it very simple! You see him. Every time. No “middle-men.” LOVE IT! His office is right off the waiting room. There is never any question what is going on because you talk to him every time. His staff was so helpful, knowledgeable, and timely with all the paperwork I needed for my job. I have bone spurs in my neck that are causing great pain but I thought I would just have to live with it because I was scared of surgery. Not the case anymore. I will have Dr. Maxwell do the surgery and I more than highly recommend him and his office!

submitted 8-8-16

Dr. Marius Maxwell is a magnificent doctor. Having lived with shoulder and neck pain for many years, many doctors had said surgery was my only option. After a thorough consultation with Dr. Maxwell, not only did I understand that surgery would be the worst option due to my other conditions, but I also learned that if I did opt for surgery I would most likely be right back on the operating table within 2 to 3 years. I didn’t expect such honest candor! Most other doctors I had visited were ready to send me to surgery asap. Dr. Maxwell quickly assessed the entire situation and gave the the best advice I have had in the last 5 years of seeking help for my condition. All this was in the comfort of a beautiful office that felt nothing like your typical doctor’s office. The staff were so helpful and the experience top notch.

submitted 8-2-16

If you are a long-term sufferer of back pain like I was and are looking for a permanent solution in Alaska then look no further than Dr. Marius Maxwell. He should be considered a treasured resource in this state as we are very fortunate that he decided to move his practice to Alaska. For years I suffered from lower back pain and a potentially dangerous narrowing of my spinal column in the thoracic zone. I was very lucky to discover Dr. Maxwell while researching neurosurgeons in Alaska. Dr. Maxwell has performed two back surgeries on me in less than a year, and the pain in both legs is gone and the chronic ache in my lower back is significantly reduced. I’m back to doing the things outdoors that I like to do!

Dr. Maxwell is a sincere, caring doctor with a lifetime of valuable experience that you rarely encounter. You can just tell by being around him that he is dedicated to his work and his patient’s well-being. The same applies to his dedicated staff Lucy, Bao and Leila.

submitted 7-17-16

It’s been 10 months since the operation and I couldn’t be happier. Had I known about Arctic Spine and Dr. Maxwell I would have had an operation long ago, in fact I would have had it 10 years ago. The thing is, in 2005 I had an accident, whiplash they told me. I had no idea whiplash could cause such excruciating pain. Anyway, after seeing multiple doctors, MRI’s, and x-rays, etc.… it was determined that I had four pinched nerves in my neck. The solution, as told to me by the doctors was a) have an operation (with an 80 percent chance of paralysis from the neck down), b) go on medication forever, or c) wait 10 years and it would fix itself. The options were not at all positive and hope of recovery was bleak. I surely wasn’t going to have an operation with those odds, medication wasn’t my idea of a good solution and what forever, and waiting 10 years for an uncertain outcome was so far away, 3650 days. But, what could I do, no referrals to other doctors, no positive encouragement, no further direction.

So…, I went to see a pain management specialist and was placed on pain pills, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds, Tramadol, Baclofen and Celebrex and settled in my mind to be on drugs for a long time. The doctor was great and really helped me but after a couple of years I couldn’t deal with the meds any longer and weaned myself off the drugs. I learned to live with the pain and then learned to limit the movement of my neck to only those areas which didn’t cause pain. I couldn’t turn my neck more than about 5% left or right up or down. My muscles became tight and tried to safeguard me against pain and I had to rotate my body to see sideways. I would wake up in pain at night when I would inadvertently enter the pain zone, I lost sleep nightly. I had spinal injections to help take away the pain, and it helped, for about a month and then it was back to life as I knew it with the shooting pain, the headaches. I was a mess. Days passed by and then years with no improvement, I would research for doctors but found no one I felt could help.

Days kept clicking away and then 10 years passed with no improvement, in fact I had gotten worse that is until I found Arctic Spine and Dr. Maxwell. My pain management doctor referred me to Dr. Maxwell and he agreed to see me even without an appointment. I was on medication at the time but recall being in a lot of pain. I didn’t see an assistant or an associate doctor but sat down with the doctor himself. He reviewed the MRI’s and discussed what he could do for me; the outcome was a cervical fusion of C6-C7. He was very professional and from the time of my first visit there was nothing but a positive attitude and positive results. He said he could fix me and he did. I would like to personally thank Dr. Maxwell and his excellent staff. Would I recommend Arctic Spine and Dr. Maxwell? Yes, without hesitation. So, if you have spinal issues of any kind please don’t let it go for years, give him a call, you’ll be glad you did.

Charles Macy

submitted 7-10-16

My journey to find out what was going on with my lower back, started at OPA. Not only am I overly cautious about rushing into any type of surgery, but also getting a better understanding about what my xrays and mri readings mean. At OPA it was immediately suggested to me to pop a pill and then if that doesn’t work, take a shot, if that fails then comes surgery. I really didn’t feel anything warm and fuzzy about the experience so paused my pursuit of relief there for the time being.

I went for the next three years of trying to heal on my own with yoga, weight training, and herbal therapy. It was then that my husband and I were making a trip back to AZ, knowing the Laser Spine Institue was a block away from our condo. Immediately upon calling them and making my appointment, I was confronted by a very forceful, aggressive saleswoman making sure I was going to make that visit. We were ushered to an exam room and soon a PA came in and talked 100mph trying to explain to us what my MRI reading indicated. After a few questions we were told that I was a good candidate for their procedure. He said, “So let’s move you down to the financial office and they’ll get you setup”.

She then said I needed to meet with the health nurse to qualify me for the surgery. INot only did they call me to schedule that call, but then I got a follow up call to be sure that was done and then to let me know there would be someone calling me to schedule the surgery. At that time I said I ‘d have to wait until I knew when I’d return. Then I got another call from the first lady telling me she heard that I don’t’ have a date set, and that she’d check in with me in another month! Can we say, we’re pushing for a sale here? Well, a whole new experience just happened in Anchorage, when I found the Alaska Laser Spine center with Dr. Maxwell. You actually met with him and not a PA. His approach to our session included early preparation by reviewing my MRI and notes so he was as informed about my case as he could be. He initially asked a series of questions to assess our understanding of my problem and what we had experienced at the Arizona Laser Spine clinic.

Dr. Maxwell’s diagnosis of my condition is that it is too insignificant to risk any surgery, including the laser surgery. We discussed the difference between the Alaska Laser Clinic and the Arizona version. Simply put, the Arizona clinic operates on a sheer volume of patients and is therefore driven to get every patient in the operating room that they can. Dr. Maxwell explained that my condition needs to progress further than it is now in order to risk spinal surgery.

Our conclusion is that Dr. Maxwell is not in the business of operating on his patients just for the sake of generating revenue for the clinic. He thoroughly explains the ailment, all options, and always advises not to pursue surgery prematurely because of a “hard sell” I hope Dr. Maxwell is still practicing should I ever require his service because of his true compassion for the patient’s needs!

Kathleen Haslett

submitted 5-31-16

This letter is to express my profound gratitude and respect for your humble, honest professionalism that I experienced when I had the good fortune to become your patient on Jan 14 of this year. I had been diagnosed with an incredibly complex grade 3 lumbar spondylolisthesis that was an exceptionally difficult case to treat. I spoke with a local orthopedic surgeon here in Anchorage who agreed to perform the procedure. Before having the procedure performed, I sought out a second opinion from you. From you, I learned that the procedure I needed was exceedingly complex and that no one in Alaska had the training necessary to perform the procedure at a high enough level in order to have a reasonably good chance of a favorable outcome. You recommended that I have the procedure performed at the world renowned Barrow Neurological Institute. I followed your advice and travelled to Phoenix to have the surgery performed by experts in the area. In Phoenix, I confirmed with my Barrow surgeon that my procedure was indeed quite complex and that he was the one of the most highly trained specialists in the country and that my case was only his 9th procedure. I am almost two months out from surgery and the results are great so far. I have no doubt that my life would have been permanently adversely affected if I had not gotten a second opinion from you. I respect you and your honesty and I will always be grateful for the fact that you chose to put me first over any other competing concerns that you may have. You are a fine doctor.

With Kind Regards,

submitted 5-11-16

I hold Dr. Maxwell in the highest regard. I am a 39 year old male and I had a Grade 3 spondylolisthesis of my L5 vertebrae. The surgical repair necessary was highly technical and only a few doctors in the United States have the necessary training to consistently provide good outcomes with the sort of invasive procedure my condition required. Dr. Maxwell was immediately open and honest with me. He let me know that he did not have the requisite skills to give me the best chance for a good outcome. He recommended that I go to specialists in Phoenix Arizona which I did. I’m now just over 5 weeks out from surgery and recovering nicely. I will forever be thankful for the care I received from Dr. Maxwell. He is my post op neurosurgeon and he will follow me through my recovery. We would all be much better off if we could be so fortunate as to have caring compassionate doctors like Dr. Maxwell.

submitted 4-26-16


I had experienced back pain for over 15 years from an injury doing wrestling. It was a life changing experience in that I had been involved with weight lifting and martial arts for a number of years. Due to the injury my children never really saw what I could do in my youth and it severely affected our life style. I had 4 previous back surgeries, had done physical therapy, gotten injections, tried acupuncture, chiropractic, yoga and a number of other alternative methods of dealing with pain. At home I had Swiss balls, Total Gym, bands, weights, foam rollers, inversion table, tems unit, and other methods to try and work around the pain. It finally got to the point where my wife had to push me in a wheelchair when I returned from a trip. While I was Blessed with relief from an excellent chiropractor it got to a point where I was getting worse with numbness in my feet and increasing pain in my back. I wasn’t able to function without constantly getting injections and taking pain killers on a daily basis. Our family doctor recommended Dr. Maxwell and the one thing I liked was our doctor said Dr. Maxwell would not do surgery if it wasn’t necessary. When I met with Dr. Maxwell he was extremely informative and told me my symptoms even before I told him what my particular issues were. As he said, due to my injury and how long I had suffered it wasn’t a matter of not having the surgery, but deciding how much longer I was going to deal with the pain, as it was only going to get worse. He met again with my wife and myself when she returned to town and he thoroughly explained the procedure and the necessity of it, but did not pressure us into a decision. Due to the number of years that I had endured this, the damage was even more extensive than what I had known. This has caused a longer recovery period but I am steadily improving and have been able to deal with the pain without reliance on pain meds. I can see constant improvement, no longer walk with a cane and know that I will continually improve. Dr. Maxwell throughout this has met with us, provided constant information and encouragement. He doesn’t use a PA, personally met with us for every appointment, pre-op & post-op and has been with us every step of the way. As I improve and await that magical 6 month mark to start working out again I can most definitely recommend Dr. Maxwell and his excellent staff. If I had known that I would be able to get the relief that I’m getting, I would have done this 2 years ago when it was first recommended as opposed to incurring more damage and living in constant pain. His easy going and informative manner made this the right decision for our lives. As a Human Resources Manager, I appreciate his courtesy, his candor and bedside manner. I would heartily recommend Dr. Maxwell to anyone suffering from these type of injuries. Robert Ward, HR Mgr

submitted 4-13-16

I was experiencing pain in my neck for about 5-6 months. Pain on the right side of my neck and occasional pain down my right arm. Finally went to my regular physician who took an x-ray and noticed a pinched nerve in my neck. He prescribed anti-inflammatory meds for a week. This didn’t help so he referred me to a physical therapist and after only slight help after 6 weeks my doctor ordered an MRI and referred me to Dr. Maxwell. First visit with Dr. Maxwell he showed me the MRI and explained to me exactly what the problem was as a degenerative disc compressing my spinal cord and pinching a nerve. Then he told me he could solve that problem with an Anterior Cervical Fusion going into detail in layman terms as to all that would be needed to be done. Not having this done would have been increased pain and decreased strength in my hands and arms. No brainer for me. Lucy took over from there and was immensely helpful with insurance and any questions I might have about anything.

Operation took place Jan 4th and after an overnight stay and the pain I had before was gone. Of course the pain from the surgery was still to be dealt with. This is nothing compared to the pain and recovery I had with my shoulder surgery. 2 weeks into recovery and the surgery pain is almost gone and I will be going back to work next week. Not a pleasant thing to go through but Dr. Maxwell did an excellent job and with the help of his staff and Lucy made it go as smooth and comfortable as it possibly could.

submitted 1-20-16

My name is Chuck Gerhardt and I found Arctic Spine online when I was searching for a spine surgeon. I saw his interview on the news and researched, Dr. Maxwell. I was living with pain off and on for 15 years that was sometimes so severe that I could not get out of bed. After consulting with Dr Maxwell he recommended that I get a double fusion with a laminectomy. I had my operation. Then I was in the hospital one night and I was released the next day. I had a home recovery with a home care nurse that came three times. I walked from the car to the house and around the house right away. (slowly without aid) I was getting up and down from a chair right away with the help of two step stools. I took my last percocet 10 six days later, and I have not taken any pain medication since. I went back to work after two weeks for 8 hour days still moving slowly. I don’t have a desk job and am on my feet most of the day. I was back to my normal 10 hour schedule after eight weeks. At 9 week I was still carful of certain movements like stooping, getting up after a period of sitting, and getting out of bed and I didn’t lift anything heavy yet. I highly recommend Dr Maxwell.

submitted 1-7-16

My name is Crystal Shaffer and I was referred to Dr. Maxwell by my pain management doctor. I live in a different part of Alaska and found out while in Anchorage that my C5, C6 disc had slipped. My pain Doctor called Dr. Maxwell and they got me right in for a consultation and then got me in very soon after for my surgery. I was so impressed from start to finish. My numbness and pain in my arm was gone as soon as I woke up in recovery. I’m a little over 4 weeks out for my surgery and I feel great!! I have my reflexes back and I have full use of my arm again and haven’t lost any of my function in my neck. He also did a beautiful job suturing me up. My scar is becoming less visible by the day and the placement was perfect. I would recommend him to anyone. His clinic is beautiful and his employees are great!

submitted 1-7-16

My name is Michelle M. and I had the pleasure of being referred to Dr. Maxwell for an abnormal growth on my head. I have prolactinoma and with this disorder anytime I have ever had a scan done they have ignored the growth on my head figuring it to be benign and not relating to my 10yrs of chronic headache issues. Once Dr. Maxwell received my file and saw me he said he would not be the surgeon to treat it, but right then and there contacted the best surgeon and team in Phoenix, AZ (Barrow Neurological Institute) and had me set up to have a procedure done within 30days. He said there was likely a direct correlation between this growth that had become quite large and my headaches and that I would feel like a new person once it was removed.

Once I returned from my surgery he took care of my aftercare removing my sutures and continuing to follow up with me to make sure I am at 100%. The best experience you will have with Dr. Maxwell’s office is his DIRECT personalized care and attention with his patients, there are no Pa’s/RN’s or such handling all of his patients care for him. He is one-on-one and takes the time and care involved to treat is patients, and if unable to treat his patients, getting them to the top care provider they need. Thank you Dr. Maxwell! It has been 30 days since my procedure and I am happy to say I have never felt so clear headed and low and behold…no more headaches!

submitted 11-18-15

Just over 2 weeks ago I had my fusion on L4/L5 and I’m returning to my desk job today! It gave me great confidence in Dr. Maxwell knowing he had such outstanding credentials and having heard first hand from a patient of his. I really like his hands-on approach and always being seen by him, not being passed on to a PA. Lucy and the rest of the staff were fantastic as well. Thank you Dr. Maxwell for your excellent care & treatment of my back! Beverly D.

submitted 11-16-15

I live in Anchorage, AK and on May 11, 2006 my life was changed forever. I was hit by a careless driver while talking on his cell phone. From his carelessness, I received a minimal traumatic brain injury (which some day shows it’s ugly head more than others), a neck injury, a low back injury (which 25 years ago I already had surgery on it) and 2 cysts from the trauma to my body. It’s been a very long 9 years. I have seen over 25+ docs and have been too many appointments to count. I have not been able to work, or sleep in my husband and I’s bed anymore and have had many painful days/nights.

In August my husband and I met Dr. Marius Maxwell. On Oct, 24, 2015 he surgically removed one of the cysts, the Tarlov cyst that was on my S2 (sacrum). If you don’t know what that is, look it up, it’s pretty scary. I have NEVER had any of my other docs attempt to even discuss with me this cyst that started out the size of an apricot to grow and affect an area of the size of a tennis ball. I would not have let ANY OTHER doc in this town attempt to do anyting with that cyst except Dr. Maxwell. Even though Dr. Maxwell had only done a few (which he actually admitted to me) he was confident he was up for the challenge. It has been a slow road to recovery but two of my numbing issues have already started to get relief. I will be having neck surgery later this year and low back surgery next year, by Dr. Maxwell. The other thing I wanted to say about Dr. Maxwell is that he was the one to take out my stitches last week. No other surgeon that I’ve met with over the past 9 years would EVER have done that. I hardly every saw any of them after the initial meeting. The people I saw after meeting him were the PA’s that I wouldn’t trust at all to have any part of my health care. My husband also has back issues. In 2009 he broke his low back. He also has an injury to his Troracic. Dr. Maxwell will be doing surgery to his low back before the end of the year as well.

I also want to comment on his office staff. We have received amazing help, kindness and compassion from Lucy, Bao, Leila and Mary! Without their help, we would never have gotten MODA to help. Because of my TBI, I am unable to process conversations on the phone so his staff has made ALL the necessary communication with MODA on our behalf. Not any other clinic have I been to has done that. In fact, my other doc’s staff tell me all the time to call if I have questions or need to make an appointment or whatever. Dr. Maxwell’s staff does not say that too me (which is HUGE!). I would highly recommend Dr. Maxwell! You might have to wait a little while for your appointment when you get there, but it is worth the wait. He is a one man band and does not rush through your appointment with him.

Thank you Dr. Maxwell for coming to ALASKA!

submitted 11-13-15

My name is Susan, and I’m from Anchorage. I was originally diagnosed with a subcutaneous cyst in my left temple that was discovered to be a tumor. My neurologist recommended Dr. Maxwell to be my surgeon. As you can imagine, learning you have a tumor in your skull is a scary thing–all you want to know is everything, and that you’ll be okay. Dr. Marius was wonderful in taking time to answer all my questions, all the while reassuring me I was in good hands. He removed the tumor, it was benign, and we both celebrated together. I am incredibly grateful to him and his staff for giving me the best care possible.

submitted 11-11-15

My name is Sean from Anchorage Alaska. I ended up in a car wreck that lead me to DR. Maxwell, at the end. DR. Maxwell staff helped show me all the steps that I needed to do to get my operation under way. When I talk to DR. Maxwell, he was straight forward with me. He has a no nonsense straight forward attitude and that’s what I want for a doctor. He showed me my MRI and what my problem were. He gave the best option to fix it. With under a 1 day stay at the hospital, I was walking with my Cane. I still am getting accustomed with the idea on the fusion on my back and it does not scare me like it did at first, but now, on day 2 &3, I spent time learning how to log roll in and out of bed. Within the first 3 days of the operation, I was up and walking. It is a big part of a good recovery that you need to get up and walk the first day, no matter how much it hurts. It’s been a week now, and I can walk close to a mile now with not much pain. In the end I know that I made the best decision by going to Dr. Maxwell. My feelings are that he is the best spine doctor in Alaska.

submitted 10-29-15

I was having problems getting out of bed as well as sleeping at night. These symptoms came on rather quickly. In the mornings I would get out of bed and could not stand up straight. I would put my hands on my legs and walk them up towards my hips in order to straighten up. It was painful. My first couple of steps were unreliable. I was never sure if I would stumble or walk.

I could only walk short distances before my lower back started to hurt. This was a new symptom also.

I went to Dr. Maxwell for an evaluation. It had been my hope that I could get a shot for my back and carry on with life. My back was much worse than I ever imagined. I was currently waiting for surgery to replace my knee as I was also having a lot of knee issues.

Dr. Maxwell looked at the MRI of my back and started telling me the symptoms I was experiencing. I did not have to tell him what all was wrong. He showed me on the MRI where most of my problems were with my back and what to expect in the future. He explained what surgery was needed and what he would do to tighten things up. I also needed a disc replaced.
He explained how he was going to remove the damaged one, crush it up and add some material to it, and replace it back in my spine. Absolutely amazing. It was basically have the surgery now or wait until some future point when I could not deal with the pain any longer. It did not take a genius to figure that one out.

Lucy helped make the plans for the operation the next week. She made all the arrangements at the surgery center and they in turn made the reservations at a hotel for after the surgery for my observation period as I live outside of Anchorage. I spent the first night in the surgery center where I walked from the recovery room to my ward room. I could tell instantly that my back was better. Part of the problems I had attributed to the knee had been my back, and they were gone.

I was moved to the hotel where a nursing service had personnel with me all night. I was released the next day to go home with a follow up appointment in two weeks.

The staff at the surgery center were great. All were friendly and helpful. They were reassuring at a time when I wasn’t sure about surgery. The nursing staff at the hotel was great also.

Overall, I would say that this experience was as good as it could be. I have no problem recommending Dr. Maxwell and his staff. Dr. Maxwell knows what he is doing and that was very reassuring.

Judy Beckhorn-Ross

submitted 10-9-15

From the initial appointment through post-op care, Dr. Maxwell exceeded my expectations! The care received was a rare exception these days! When I asked him questions, he really listened. I appreciated his direct answers. AT NO TIME did I feel my questions were stupid or insignificant. And my husbands’ questions and concerns were not ignored as the had been in other clinics.

For my first post-operative and three month appointment, Dr. Maxwell followed-up with my care personally. Wow! Continuity of care – what a concept these days! And the wait time for the appointments were less than 30 minutes.

Dr. Maxwell also asked about the hotel accommodations and said he would address the issues we encountered to improve the quality of stay for future patients. What doctor has ever cared enough to show concern about an issue unrelated to surgery?

For the supporting staff: From administration, front office, to the nurses at the Surgery Center, home health staff, and physical therapy – the care was unsurpassed!

My two personal Angels! Lucy worked diligently to overcome the Aetna obstacles. Dr. Maxwell worked wonders on my back, which desperately needed a fusion at L4-L5. I never fully believed the excruciating pain I endured in my legs and back – for more than eight years – would subside.

My Sincerest Thank You!
Chris F., BSN, RN

Great surgical experience! Neck fusion 2 weeks ago and almost pain free already. Wonderful surgical expertise and followup care!

I had neck surgery on 9/2/15 by Dr. Marius Maxwell, Arctic Spine, Anchorage, Alaska and want to say what a wonderful experience it was. From the first visit to right after surgery, Dr. Maxwell was there for me, no physician’s assistant just the Doctor. Being neck surgery (fusion of C4-C7); I was apprehensive, but his detailed explanation and assurances made me feel at ease in his care. My surgery date was set on the first visit, his office handled the insurance approval and they set up the surgery at the Alaska Surgery Center, not a hospital! This was another relief, as I had no worry that I might contract something else from a hospital environment. The day of the surgery was great. The center staff were very attentive in making me feel comfortable, Dr. Maxwell came in to check on me, I walked to the surgery room and woke up in recovery with Dr. Maxwell there when I woke up. Talk about individual care, wow! Nurse Tammy cared for me throughout the night and it was wonderful. Six a.m. the next morning, I was released and on my way home. I didn’t require a neck brace after surgery nor physical therapy; just rest. What a wonderful experience this has been. I am so happy that I found Dr. Maxwell on the internet. After much research, I felt he had the greatest reviews and I am now a living testament to what professional care he provides. He is an amazing surgeon and he is there for you.

submitted 9-23-15

I really wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you (Dr. Maxwell). I think my husband is one of the most compassionate people I know and I rarely meet anyone like him. You are so compassionate; I can see it in your eyes. You have such a kind soul. It is such a rare quality. Thank you again, so much!.. Alaska is very fortunate to have you guys :) After seeing you today I felt much better! Funny how that works.

submitted 8-12-15

I had a non functioning right arm and was in extreme pain when I met Dr. Maxwell. I had tried some other treatments but my arm kept getting worse. Dr. Maxwell saw right away that I needed surgery, and when I woke up from surgery, I felt like I had my old arm back – I went from zero usage to 100% when he was finished with me! At Arctic Spine, you don’t get tossed from one doctor to another, Maxwell does it all and he is the one that handles your case from start to finish. I must also add that his office mgr. Lucy is one of a kind as she went over all the financial stuff and explained everything to me very clearly so that I could understand. From start to finish I have had only the best of care. In fact, I would say that they gave me the best care I have ever received from any health care provider in my life. They exceeded all expectations and I do HIGHLY recommend Arctic Spine!

submitted 8-2-15

Dr. Maxwell was the only person I dealt with start to finish! He was thorough, answered any post op calls I had immediately and is extremely good at what he does. I was having extreme pain, numbness and weakness in both arms, headaches and could not think clearly due to all of these factors. I had a double level fusion 10 years ago and he removed all old hardware and fused the level above. Immediately following surgery I have been pain free and functioning at a level I have not been able to function at for months. He did my procedure at a surgery center and I was in and out in one day with excellent 2 nurses to just myself care through the night! I ordered what I wanted for dinner and felt like the whole experience was like being at a high end surgical boutique. I highly recommend Dr. Maxwell for his excellent, expert care. Being in the medical field myself, I am very critical and my expectations are high. Dr. Maxwell and his staff exceeded my expectations on every level.

submitted 7-11-15

A few months ago I started having painful spasms in my upper back, in addition to my thumb twitching whenever I would sneeze, cough, or laugh. I was scared to go through with surgery and elected to have an injection in what was found to be a herniated disk in my neck. The twitches went away, but the pain got worse. When I went for my follow up I told the doctor how bad I was hurting. My elbow was on fire, it hurt to turn my body, and the spasms didn’t go away. The doctor told me it was in my head. That I really wasn’t experiencing any pain, it was the nerves tricking me and telling my body there was pain. He spent a total of 5 minutes with me, and told me I would be fine, to give it time.

After months of pain I was referred to Arctic Spine. I was expecting to be rushed, telling my story to a physician’s assistant and then spending less than 10 minutes with the doctor. My experience was beyond what I was imagining. I met with Dr. Maxwell, not a physician’s assistant, to tell my story. He asked me how I was instead of just jumping into the MRI and all the medical stuff. This made me feel that he cared about me as a person. Together Dr. Maxwell and I looked at my MRI, he took the time to explain why I was feeling all this pain, and no it wasn’t in my head. He recommended surgery, and using a model of the spine, showed me what he would do. I was not left in the dark about anything that would happen to my body.

I was so scared for surgery, especially the day of. My experience at the Alaska Surgery Center was equally as amazing, from the nurses to the anesthesiologist. Everyone who cared for me before and after helped me to feel at ease, and feel comfortable. I am so thankful I elected to have the ACDF procedure done. I am pain free! I am so thankful to Dr. Maxwell for his kindness and talent for healing, and I am thankful for the care I was given at Alaska Surgery Center. Although it felt like it took forever to have someone listen to me, I feel that I was put on the path to be cared for by the best doctor.

submitted 6-26-15

I just want to take a moment to thank Dr. Maxwell. He has truly given me a second chance. I was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis last fall at a local orthopedic clinic. The pain I was already experiencing was tremendous. And, because of the location of the injury, their prognosis for my future was dismal. I was told there was nothing to be done and that I would loose the use of my leg in the near future. As the mother of a six-year-old and an active person, I was absolutely devastated. I decided to see Dr. Maxwell and see what he had to say. He explained that this is a condition easily corrected by surgery. He was so caring, qualified and confident, I chose surgery. He was right. My pain is gone. I am on the road to a complete recovery, and I think I’m a little taller. I absolutely recommend Dr. Maxwell for anyone experiencing spinal issues. I am forever grateful.

I had a three level anterior cervical fusion with hardware eight weeks ago. Dr. Maxwell quickly gained my confidence by explaining in detail the MRI images, the diagnosis, and recommended surgery to relieve me of debilitating left arm nerve pain. What impressed me is that he answered every one of my many questions fully, but more than that, he was forthright in explaining everything in a manner that I fully understood. When planning the surgery, Lucy kindly answered all of my questions regarding insurance, scheduling and preparing for the surgery. What’s more, my insurance claim was flawlessly submitted and processed thanks to her expertise in such matters.

As for the surgery, I spent many hours on YouTube watching and listening to everyone who had uploaded a video about their cervical fusion surgery. I was prepared for the worst, though Dr. Maxwell assured me I would come out of surgery with the left arm pain relieved and at most, I MIGHT have problems swallowing. Well, let me tell you, my experience wasn’t like any of the videos I watched. I awoke with the nerve pain gone, could swallow without pain, ate dinner after surgery at the surgery center and had the best care in post op and overnight imaginable. Seven days post surgery, I was taking Tylenol extra strength for any discomfort- off narcotics. Two weeks after surgery, Dr. Maxwell gave me the green light to drive and go to the gym. Four weeks later, I was disappointed that I had arranged to be off work for six weeks since I felt I was more than to return to work. Now, eight weeks post op, I truly feel like my old self. I have no pain, the range of motion of my neck does not seem diminished, and I’m back to all activities I enjoyed before the onset of nerve pain and surgery. I feel great and I have Dr. Maxwell to thank. I am extremely grateful I found him to perform my surgery.

submitted 4-28-15

Dr. Maxwell is a very fine surgeon. I would recommend him highly. When I first met Dr. Maxwell my left arm would go numb spontaneously and I had significant pain in my upper back. I could not lift a pail of water and once lost the clutch of my motorcycle at an intersection. I was 49 years old and in otherwise reasonable health. This was not how I wanted to live.

I had seen a family doctor, a neurologist and physical therapists and even tried steroid injections but found no relief. I live in Fairbanks Alaska. and finding quality medical care here can sometimes be a challenge so my search was nation-wide. Dr. Maxwell surfaced at the top of that search and gosh darn if he was not in Anchorage! We met and immediately I felt comfortable with his approach. When you see Dr. Maxwell that is who you see – not a PA or a nurse (nothing against either BTW but this is not the flu or a simple broken bone… I wanted the best, with world-class training and a history of success.)
Dr. Maxwell described the problem in understandable terms, described the procedure similarly, and explained his methods and my options clearly. I choose the procedure to fuse 3 vertebra. The procedure lasts one hour and ten minutes (ten minutes over his estimate… the only thing he has been wrong about with me) and two hours later a nurse asks how I am doing and I ask her to dance. No sh#t! I never felt anything but better (and she could dance!).

My situation may be unique and I assume some surgeries require more recovery, but all I can say is I have been pain-free ever since. THANK YOU Dr. Maxwell. I rode my motorcycle with confidence today.

If you have concerns about billing or really any question, ask for Lucy. Not only is she pleasant to deal with but she will also help you navigate the entire system. She is a dream! (Thank you Lucy!!)

This may sound like a paid ad but it is not. My name is John Quebbemann and I am a satisfied patient of Dr. Maxwell. I would whole heartedly recommend him to family and friends. I recommend him to you. He worked for me and I feel better – that is what we all want.

submitted 4-25-15

I was scheduled to have FULL fusion with an orthopedic surgeon when I sought a second opinion from Dr. Marius Maxwell. After a full consultation and MRI analysis with Dr. Maxwell, he convinced me that I did not need such a radical procedure for my condition. In December of 2015 Dr. Maxwell performed a Foraminotomy and Partial Fusion of L5/S1. The procedure was done at the surgery center instead of the regional hospital. What a GREAT experience!! Dr. Maxwell and his team have been AWESOME and 4 months later I am almost pain free, when previously I could hardly stand upright due to the pain. Dr. Maxwell gets my full recommendation !

submitted 4-22-15

I was referred to Dr. Maxwell after a bulging disk diagnosis. As it turns out my bulging disk was just the tip of the ice berg . I had spinal stenosis which affected all five of my lumbar disks. After talking with Dr. Maxwell, I felt confident that he could help me. Surgery is scary. I’ m seven weeks out of surgery. I received excellent care during the whole process. I saw Dr. Maxwell every week until my incision healed. Each time I felt fully encouraged and even though it took awhile to heal I was so glad I had found such a caring, skillful and kind person who has changed my quality of life for the better. I recommend him to anyone that needs surgery especially those who are reluctant.

submitted 2-10-15

I saw Dr. Maxwell first and wanted to proceed right away. I was told I should get a second opinion and after being sent on a WILD goose chase of appointments by another local office, I was back to Dr. Maxwell. He’s good and he does what he says he will do. His office is organized and everyone is on the same page. I am recovering from a single level fusion and feeling great. He was around before and after surgery. I saw him 3 times while in the surgery center, which is unheard of. It made me feel at ease. Go ahead and try other offices like I did, then go back to Dr. Maxwell who will get it right the first time.

submitted 1-22-15

I switched doctors and I’m so glad I found Dr. Maxwell after I heard about him from friends and family who called him a ‘miracle worker’. I was ready to have surgery and was booked for my fusion and everything was handled so well. Yes he has many letters after his name and the qualifications don’t lie. His office staff were there for me throughout the whole process and helped me through all the hurdles. An excellent surgeon and a great experience.

submitted 1-11-15

I was impressed every step of the way. The cervical surgery was a huge success and recovery was nearly without pain at all. I highly recommend Dr. Maxwell.

submitted 12-29-14

I found out about Dr Maxwell after a BBQ where my chiropractor mentioned that he is the best in town. I am from Kenai with 3 failed back surgeries and Harrington rods in my back I was a complete wreck. I was planning to go overseas to get surgery for my synovial cyst until I heard about Dr Maxwell. I chose Dr Maxwell because he is an Aussie and is a really sincere, nice and unpretentious person who I felt I could trust. I got my synovial cyst in my back removed and words cannot express how happy I am. I was miserable for the past 10 years and this surgery was the only thing that truly changed my life. I am a new person now. Everywhere I go, I tell people about how grateful I am to have met him. I really don’t know what I can do to thank you enough Dr Maxwell!!!

submitted 12-3-14

I write to thank you for your expertise in performing three neck surgeries on me several months ago. You told me that you did an Anterior Cervical Fusion, followed by a Cervical Laminectomy, followed by an operation in which you freed up the scar and sewed in a patch graft. The scar was from my neck surgery performed by another neurosurgeon 20 years ago. Since that surgery I had 20 years ago, I had been experiencing great difficulty walking and my arms and legs were very weak. I am now several weeks out from your three surgeries and I am really happy to tell you that my walking is better and my hands are much stronger. Thank you so much for the care that you have given me. I am now able to play with my grandkids.

submitted 12-1-14

I am a life long Alaskan. I had an injury close to thirty years ago which began a long and painful journey. I work as a project manager for vertical and horizontal construction. My work takes me all over our great state. Because my work is physically demanding I used pain medication to perform my duties. After years of epidural injections every three months , coupled with all forms of therapy I saw no hope for the future. The pain in my legs and feet continued to get worse. Up and down every night , sitting, laying or walking ,I could find no relief. My pain specialist counseled me to try one more surgery. This would be the ninth major operation on my back. I was left with Harrington Rods and a half dozen Pedicle Screws to support my spine. Surgery had not helped .

When I met with Dr. Maxwell I was impressed. He is a kind , compassionate, caring person. He took time not only to explain my condition in great detail , but to outline the surgery and hopeful outcome. I was excited ! His staff was so supportive. The handled all of my insurance issues and assured me that if for some reason I were to have problems with my coverage that they would be happy to set up a payment plan. Within three days of our initial meeting ,I was rolled into the operating room.
The surgery was a success ! I left the hospital after three days of recovery and was back to work two days after that.
Its been four months and I am so blessed to report that I do not have pain in my legs or feet ! Its a new lease on life. Thank you Dr. Maxwell and staff. My family and I are forever grateful.

submitted 11-7-14

Dr. Maxwell helped me through two spinal fusions. As far as I am concerned, he saved me from being in a wheelchair and cured my paralyzed left arm. I would not hesitate to send my loved one to him. Thank you, dr. Maxwell!

submitted 9-25-14

I lived in pain for 20 years and had 4 back surgeries. Dr Maxwell fixed my back. I have no pain. Five doctors told me there was nothing more they could do. Dr Maxwell is fantastic. He is always punctual, has great bedside manner, and spents lots of time explaining the surgery. I cannot say enough about this world class surgeon. Thanks doc!

submitted 2-2-07

Absolutely brilliant doctor. Helped me walk for the first time in years. Would recommend him to anyone.

submitted 1-28-07

Dr. Maxwell operated on my back because I was having pain from a car accident many years ago. I suffered for years with pain. I wish I had seen Dr. Maxwell sooner. I felt better immediately. He was very kind and really knows his stuff. He was excellent. I highly recommend Dr. Maxwell.

submitted 1-13-07