Stay in AK for Spine Surgery

Stay in AK for Spine Surgery 2018-02-19T20:23:08+00:00

Why travel out of state for surgery?

​We understand you may be price sensitive when considering your options for spine surgery. We encourage you to do your research and “shop for the best deal”.

At Arctic Spine, we will work with your insurance company and price match to the same benefits as what you would have received if you were to go out-of-state for care. This means you will not pay a higher out-of-pocket than what it would cost you outside of AK. Feel free to call us and ask for more information.

Have you considered what will happen if you have a complication after your surgery from the Lower 48 and you are back in AK? Will you be making long distance calls to your surgeon? Probably not. Who will you see to continue your care and look after your issue? What if there are unforeseen circumstances that occur while you are obtaining treatment in the Lower 48? Can you afford to take the risk, hassle, and the amount of time off work?

Do note that all post-operative visits for up to 90 days after your surgery are free of charge. At Arctic Spine, we will look after you before, during and after your surgery. You are welcome to make as many visits as you need to see your surgeon, Dr Maxwell after your surgery. We want to ensure that you are feeling comfortable about the way you are healing and progressing. If you are in pain, nauseated or vomiting, we will look after your concerns and take care of these symptoms. If any other unforeseen issues arise, we will manage it. Will you receive this level of 1:1 care out-of-state?

If your insurance company is making a surgery-cation sound desirable, just remember: it’s not you who will be the one saving money, it’s them.