1:1 Doctor to Patient Care 2017-08-19T01:24:03+00:00

It’s about time

You had 1:1 Doctor to Patient care


 Get the value you’ve been looking for in healthcare.

No matter where you go for medical care, ask to see the Doctor. It’s become more and more common for clinics to use Extenders. Extenders are not Doctors! Care about your own care enough to not get the short end of the stick. Only Doctors have the appropriate training and expertise to understand and manage your condition.

Are you even aware of the credentials the provider you have been seeing holds? Many patients think they have been seeing a Doctor but they have not been all along.

Dealing directly with the Doctor means you bypass the entourage and middlemen, saving you time, money, and reducing confusion, misunderstandings and miscommunications.

We believe in a simplified process where egos don’t get in the way of your care and treatment.