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Minimally Invasive
Maximum Relief

Smaller incision. Faster recovery.
All back in time for dinner.

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Welcome to Arctic Spine


If you’re on the journey to finding long term relief from your severe neck or back pain, you’re now closer than ever.

We are the only spine surgical specialist in Alaska offering minimally invasive, laser techniques that actually work. Enjoy a fast recovery, a comfortable experience, and an excellent outcome with our same-day outpatient procedures.

At Arctic Spine our minimally invasive procedures are a safer and more effective alternative to traditional open back procedures.

 The Arctic Spine AdvantageTraditional Spine Surgery
Surgery TimeApproximately 1 hour4-7 hours
Hospital StayHome for dinner2-5 days
Anatomy DisruptionSmall incision, muscles, nerves and tissues are spared and separated
Muscles, ligaments, healthy tissue is cut, burned, torn and disrupted
Incision1-2 inches6-8 inches
DowntimeBack to work within a weekRecovery up to 2 months
Complication Rate3%up to 16.4%

Where less is more.

Why Patients Choose Us

We are the only spine specialty clinic in Alaska providing a concierge level of service with 1:1 doctor to patient care. Harvard trained Board Certified Neurosurgeon, Dr. Maxwell personally evaluates and manages all aspects of your care and recovery.

At Arctic Spine, you will be seen by the Doctor, never by a Physician’s Extender.

That’s care without the middlemen.
The way it used to be.

If you are tired of getting the runaround, look to Arctic Spine for transparency, expertise and simplicity in healthcare. Discover the actual cause of your pain, understand your options and experience the solution.

It’s about time

You had 1:1 Doctor to Patient care

Why you need 1:1 care


We understand planning for surgery can be overwhelming.

Along with Dr. Maxwell are his steady team of healthcare professionals ready to make the entire process as smooth as possible for you.

BAOPatient Care
LEILAPatient Care

What Our Patients Say

Patients say they haven’t found this level of care anywhere else, read the excerpts below from actual patient reviews.


Would rate them 10 stars! Their mission is to get you fixed and healed up the first time!

I found Dr. Maxwell and within one month I was pain free and him and his staff is so caring and knowledgeable that I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Maxwell and his office. I just received a micro disectomy for a ruptured l4-l5 disc. This was my 1st procedure and couldn’t ask for a better experience.

I had my cervicle fussion a little over a year ago! I feel so much better! All and all I am so glad I found DR. Maxwell! Thank you again Dr. Maxwell

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98 out of 100 patient recommendation rate


Outpatient procedure


Minimally invasive laser techniques


Fast recovery


Board-certified Neurosurgeon


Find out in just 30 seconds if Arctic Spine can help you with your back or neck problems.

We offer a no-obligation FREE MRI Review so you don’t have to leave your home for a specialist consultation.

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Make an appointment so you can start receiving 1:1 care with Neurosurgeon Dr Maxwell. Enjoy complimentary tea, coffee and live piano music with your visit at our world class facility.

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